Tuesday, December 12

How to Apply Make-Up 10 Tips Looking Great With Cosmetics

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Cosmetics can transform your face. They boost self confidence and help you create an image. It’s a well known and acknowledged fact that cosmetics (when used correctly) can boost morale and self esteem. To put it simply – they make us feel good about ourselves. Just remember, cosmetics should be used to enhance your natural beauty  not make you into someone else. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying your make up. Before applying foundation apply moisturizer. Even if your skin is oily try one that is water based. This not only gives your foundation staying power, it also helps spread it evenly and naturally. After you apply foundation dust with a very minimal amount of translucent powder. Be sure to apply your make up under the proper lighting. Avoid fluorescent lights. Whenever possible apply your make up near a window or somewhere that gets a lot of natural light. When applying make up keep your clothes in mind. No your lipstick does not have to match your top 🙂 but the colors should flow not clash. You will also want to make sure your lipstick and blush work together. Try to stay within the same family of shades. No red lipsticks and peach blushes. Pale pinks and Beigey or very light brown shades flatter most complexions. When applying lipstick, relax your mouth and apply. If you wear a dark shade of lipstick brush it on with your fingertips. This gives your mouth a sexy, pouty look. It also prevents your lipstick from looking clumpy. When applying mascara (black is always the best choice) Make sure to apply to both top and bottom lashes. Apply to bottom lashes before coating the top. Apply eye shadow in rich shades to eyelids. Then dab a touch of petroleum jelly over for a glossy look When applying eyeliner avoid lining the whole lower eye lid. Try applying it to 3/4 or 1/2. Applying to the whole eye cab make your eyes look smaller or close set. To avoid lipsticks that are to harsh or bright add a neutral topcoat in a light shade like beige. Remember don’t over do with cosmetics. You have nothing to hide. You are only enhancing your naturally beautiful self.


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