Tuesday, December 12

Cover Letter For Resumes – Do People Really Get Hired by Emailing The Cover Letter

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Emailing your cover letter for resumes has to be done in a way that doesn’t get you lost in the email box.  I talked to a few friends who were having a lot of problems getting interviews by just sending out resumes via email.  I shared with them the ideas that had worked for me.

I told them that I always follow directions on the way to apply but I make every effort to visit the places I want to be especially considered for.  I’ll hand deliver my cover letter and resume to companies that are local, only after I send it via email if that’s what they want.  I did see an increase in interview appointments once I started doing this.  My goal was to personally meet with the head of human resources or who ever would be interviewing.  Adding a face to the page helped me go on more interviews.

I shared with them that I always send a custom cover letter for resumes, for every single company I apply for.  There was a time when I got lazy and the temptation of using a generic cover letter from the internet beat me and I used it.  My results were always the same, I had no results.  For me the easiest way to accomplish this, especially when I was sending out fifteen or twenty letters in a week was to use a custom cover letter generator I’ve used and just tweak it for the company.  I would go through the company’s website and find useful information I could use on my cover letter to stand out.

One example of this is a company that I worked on a cover letter for resume whose website stated they had one of the highest reading ratios in the state.  All do to their approach on teaching how to read.  I put something like “I want to make a difference in children’s lives by helping them achieve their goal of reading and what better place to do this than with a company that is using the most up to date and effective ways of teaching!”  How well it worked I don’t know but I got an interview. 

Sending your cover letter for resumes I don’t think was the problem.  We discussed further what they had been doing and we concluded that it was the approach that was lacking.  Like I told them, a generic cover letter never got me an interview.

  1. I email and then visit.
  2. I put together a custom letter for the company
  3. I don’t use generic cover letters for resumes
  4. I follow up by sending a thank you letter.

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