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Is There a Difference Between Being Buzzed And Drunk?

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If you are a new drinker or have never consumed alcohol before, you may be curious as to the difference between buzzed and drunk. Some people might refer to these terms interchangeably, but there are some differences.

The Difference between Buzzed and Drunk: Buzzed
Tipsy is the stage of mild drunkenness when you’ve reached a blood alcohol content level within .10 to .15. Tipsy is within your sweet spot. It will depend on your weight, body figure, and tolerance, but it probably occurs somewhere within the 3rd to 7th standard drink. You feel the effects of alcohol and possibly have impaired judgment or reasoning, but you should remember everything that has taken place the night before. You start telling the truth more, but it’ll become distorted with each drink.

When I’m buzzed, I start feeling dizzy. My relaxation reaches it climax as my tongue feels like it’s been injected with local anesthetic. I feel euphoric, but not yet insane. I have full knowledge of my surroundings and have sufficient memory throughout the night and the presuming day.

The Difference between Buzzed and Drunk: Drunk
The first time I consumed liquor was in Christmas of 2009, and it was the only time I’ve ever been drunk. I was home alone and decided to celebrate Christmas by getting drunk for the first time. I didn’t know how much or how fast I was supposed to drink, so I just started drinking some Absolut Pear like it was a non-alcoholic beverage.

I barely even drank beer before, so knocking down the first nine shots in forty-five minutes was a fascinating move. I had a half-full jar of vodka I couldn’t finish drinking because I couldn’t lift the glass up to my mouth.

I remember the first ninety minutes after drinking… I think. Normally a laid-back individual, I felt incredibly euphoric. I called one of my friends and started screaming at her about how amazing I felt. I began dancing around the house feeling on cloud 9. Techno songs sounded like something from Heaven’s gates. I was getting sucked into a vortex of ineptitude.

Within an hour, I recall going upstairs and seeing the cats fight. I was upset about their actions, so I spent the next thirty minutes preaching to them. I kept telling them that God loved them and wouldn’t want to see them clawing each other to death. I basically repeated the same thing over and over. I don’t think the cats took me very seriously because they kept staring at me, probably wondering why I was grasping the wall to stand up. I recall mentioning how I couldn’t wait to see myself being drunk in a life review.

After that, I went to lie on the floor. What seemed like 5 minutes became thirty, and I felt like I was on a merry-go-round. Of the entire tile flooring I could vomit on, I made sure to vomit on the little stretch of carpet on the kitchen. I spewed a few and passed out for a couple hours.

I woke up on the floor next to a broken cellular phone. I seem to be retaining memory of the incident with remembering how I was going to go to the neighbor’s house to call my family down south. I think I decided against it because there was too much snow on the ground, but I didn’t go…I think?

Later that night, I found a laser in my room downstairs. No idea when, how, or why I would have brought a laser downstairs. No memory of that at all…?

The difference between being tipsy and drunk?
Basically, tipsy is a mild form of drunkenness. It’s about where you feel at your best and before the serious signs of alcoholism kick in. You also should not feel hangover symptoms the following morning, especially if you consume any water during your drinking routine.

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