Tuesday, December 12

Even More Free Games!

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I’ve listed a lot of freeware games already – but the internet being the incredibly awesome place it is, there are far more great free games around than I could fit into two articles.  So here are some more of the best free games on the internet!:

Project Torque  http://project-torque.aeriagames.com/  A Racing-themed MMO with a wide range of tracks, cars, and fun.  Graphics and gameplay are pretty solid.

Lord of the Rings Online http://www.lotro.com/  Yet another fantasy MMO has become free-to-play!  Granted, it’s not 100% free like Uru or Ryzom – there are some things in-game that cost money – but there’s an awful lot there that is free, it’s a great-quality fantasy game with an expansive world, and it’s based on one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, works of fantasy ever written.

Blurst. http://blurst.com/  This is not a single game, it’s a collection of games.  Really offbeat, silly games.  Offroad Velociraptor Safari.  Time Donkey.  And more…  these are ridiculous but fun, and pretty well-designed.

Portal: Flash  http://portal.wecreatestuff.com/  I listed Valve’s Portal once before, but by now the “free to play” promotion is expiring.  So why not try the Flash alternative?  The puzzle-solving gameplay works surprisingly well in 2d, and there are 40 levels.

Abe Lincoln Must Die! http://www.telltalegames.com/samandmax/lincolnmustdie  This is one freebie episode in an episodic series by Telltale Games.  It’s a third-person adventure game with an outlandish sense of humor.  I have to say, their games have more personality and laughs than most video games do, and this episode is one of their best.

Huje Tower.  http://www.bubblebox.com/play/puzzle/1506.htm  It’s essentially “World of Goo” but freeware.

Anarchy Online. http://www.anarchy-online.com/wsp/anarchy/frontend.cgi?func=frontend.show&template=main  This classic sci-fi MMO has a free version now!

There you have it – even more awesome freeware games.  Go play them and have fun! 


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