Monday, December 18

Are Kids Too Busy In Today’s World?

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Many of us are fans of keeping children busy but, do some children or parents go overboard? Children today in school seem so busy it appears it could be detrimental to their health and well being.

When children are kept busy, they are less bored. They are more socialized and challenged, become well rounded and so proficient at many things that thoughts of career possibilities start to enter their minds. This in and of itself is good, but, is too much activity harmful?

Several kids I know seem to always be running, never home, and spend less time with family. There are many activities at their disposal and today’s parents seem to not mind driving kids everywhere. In yesteryears, a parent was too busy to chauffeur kids to all activities. Glad to see that parents are giving more time to their kids than once was the norm, the question still begs an answer, is too much activity good for children?

One kid in our circle plays one or two sports every season, missing no seasons. There is almost no time between sports, he is always either practicing or at a match, meet or game. He plays almost every sport offered, being good at all of them. He helps assist and coach a girl’s basketball team. When he is not doing sports, he is socializing. His friend list is just amazing and there is a party or overnight, often both nights of the weekend. He has been involved in many extracurricular activities like Dare and Mentoring. His grades are outstanding so you can’t claim that as a reason to slow him down. He is exceptional and attends several college preparation programs.

Another child known to me is the same except he is more academically challenged. He is always playing sports and since he is short for his age, pushes himself to excel at whatever he tries. He puts his whole soul into it. He also is constantly socializing, attending parties and going for overnights. When not doing school sports, he is riding his motor bike. Add all this to upcoming summer activities and you can see these kids are going to be overwhelmed.
Some kids add music such as marching band, glee club, or choir at church. Many take piano or guitar lessons. One girl also adds ballet to the list; others are in gymnastics or doing hobbies.

A family active in church will also attend services Sunday and mid week, as well as all the social activities the church sponsors.

A child with this much going on, never gets a chance to just relax or be quiet. One child goes to his grandmothers just to have a quieter experience, a time to be mellow, silent and recharge. The grandmother’s house is less exciting and the child while doing something relaxing than normal will often fall asleep. Grand mom’s house has no expectations, no challenges, and though sometime’s too boring, can be a good place to take a break and recharge. Every kid needs some place to do just that.


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