Monday, December 18


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This is a psychological case that takes place with both men and women especially in the range of 18 to 32. Some people are created with a special charm that can be noticed by the opposite sex and is always interpreted as special concern.

She was 22 when I met her the first time at university where we were studying together; as like as all other male colleagues; I misinterpreted here innocent charm as a specific signal to me and only me.

As I was a bright student too she couldn’t help it getting into a friendship relation with me. When we started meeting after classes at the cafeteria she was still transmitting those signals indicating she has something for me. It looked that I myself did the same to here with the only difference that her shields were always raised up to defend here from falling into me.

Day by day, I started feeling that her eyes says: “I’m falling into you”. I started approaching her and found the courage to tell her things I would never tell anybody else in my life.

And we started strengthening our relation by meeting after classes to sit down under the trees where the sunset is closing the scene. And we started talk and talk until I thought that I can say the word.

And one day, I found myself falling into a magical feeling and told her that “the one only thing I want at the moment is to hold you in my arms and squeeze your lips with a kiss”. And there was the shock as she flipped the icon telling me that was rude.

She asked me not see her or contact her again. I was shocked to hear that as I though all her signals lead to the moment. I thought she wanted me more than I did; but turned out that her signals were misunderstood.

At one single moment I could recognize why: she was a virgo!!!!!


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