Monday, December 11

Loss of Hearing

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We live in a noisy world and we constantly expose ourselves to destructive high levels sounds.Our work environment are becoming louder and louder. The most exposed to this change are factory workers, farmers, teachers, contractors and musicians. Things that cause the loss of hearing : – The environmental noise – Blockage on the ear channel with a foreign object or wax – Diseases, infections, and other medical problems – Medications or treatments like chemotherapy or antibiotics – Physical trauma  on the ears or the head Signs and symptoms  : – You have the impression that people are whispering around you or talking in a slower meaner that they used to – You turn up the TV or radio , over the level considered normal by other people – You hear people talking but you do not understand what they are saying – Your family, colleagues, and friends suggest that you have an hearing problem – You hear some strange sound in your ears – After a sound exposure you hear in a very hard way – It might be difficult to hear or understand people after leaving a loud place. How to protect your hearing : – If the noise at your job is over 85 dB , reduce it or wear protection – Turn down your TV , radio or i Pod and reduce the noise if you are using headsets – Be careful not to raise the noise in your car so that it covers the noise of the engine or of the wind – Do not stay close to the speakers – Wash your ears only with clean water in order to avoid infections. If you suspect you are losing your hearing , it means it’s time to take measures.Therefore a visit to your doctor would be highly recommended.  


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