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Home Based Data Entry Jobs

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These days more and more companies are downsizing to stay competitive in the United State’s floundering economy. To downsize, these companies outsource some of their less important tasks, such as data entry, to people who are willing to work from home. Companies love these workers who are willing to work from home because they do not need to provide health insurance, office space, or other benefits for them. All they need to do is pay a salary. Most companies do not have the time to find data entry workers that will work from home, so they hire third party companies to connect them with reliable workers. These “middle men” companies are known as data entry companies, and they work by allowing people that are looking for extra income to access home based data entry jobs, while at the same time providing companies with workers. Unfortunately for workers, there are many companies that are just looking to scam workers. Many data entry companies require workers to pay a fee for access to paying jobs. Some of these companies will take the money and not give anything in return, but there are many that are in fact legitimate.

It can be tricky to weed the legitimate home based data entry jobs out from the scams, but here are a few tips to help. Before signing up to a company, do a quick google search with the website followed by “scam”. Read the results that pop up and see what people are saying about that website. If the reviews are negative, it is probably not a good idea to sign up to that company. Also, it is never a good idea to sign up to a company that charges you a fee, unless you can find reviews saying good things about that company from at least 3 or 4 different sources.

One company that I always recommend is Global Data Entry. They work with a lot of different businesses, and they are almost always hiring new employees. Global Data Entry requires no upfront fees to join their company, nor do they require any fees for that matter. They also do not require their workers to have any experience, which is a huge bonus, since most of the people looking for home based data entry jobs do not have any experience in the field. However, Global Data Entry does require that users own their own computer, or at least have access to a computer that they can use frequently. The ability to type quickly is also highly recommended. Here is a direct link to their application:

Click here to apply for home based data entry jobs

Global Data Entry does not pay its workers by hour, but instead pays them by task. Once you have been accepted to the company you are able to view tasks, and if you see a task that interests you, you can accept the task. Some tasks will require that you have software such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word installed. I recommend that you have Microsoft Office or an equivelant installed (open office will work) because without those programs you will not be able to complete as many tasks. An example of a task could be, “Go to and copy and paste the information from the table into an excel sheet”. Once you finish the task you will upload the finished product to the company website, and if it is satisfactory, money will be credited to your account. Paychecks are sent every month, but if you make large amounts of money you can request to be paid every week or every two weeks. The pay per task is very fair, and for someone of average typing speed it usually works out to be somewhere from $12 – $20 per hour.

Warning! Don’t be fooled by imposters. The true URL is, not anything else. If you are taken to a page that asks you to buy a product, beware.

Click Here for Home Based Data Entry Jobs

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