Sunday, December 17

How Stressful Can Stress Be?

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Even way back in school I remember going through tension just before an examination. 

I have done all it takes to do well in the exam. However, I am concerned about not only sailing through the exam, which I will, but topping the class of 42 students. I have to study for the sake of the subject and marks on one side and on the other I need to prove to both myself and the others around that I am the best. I have to excel in my class. Pressure builds up before every exam and eases out soon after the exam.

Stress is the term being used once we land up either in a job or if you choose a career.

Some jobs and careers are more stressful than others.Building a career is more stressful to compete with the existing players for instance Chartered Accountants, Architects, Doctors, Advocates and Consultants in the initial stages, while jobs are not so stressful in the initial stages.

As one advances in his career there will be stress however far less. On the contrary in a job as you scale the corporate ladder it becomes more and more stressful.

Stress in itself is neither good nor bad.

A little stress is good for better performance of an individual. It is when the individual does not know how to handle or combat stress that it becomes harmful.

If you de-stress yourself by taking corrective measures you can avoid distress due to stress.


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