Friday, December 15

Cop Punches Seattle Teenager In The Face

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A cop punched a teenage girl in the face in Seattle yesterday. The video is all over the internet. The video is all over YouTube. The question is this, was the cop doing his job or was he completely wrong? A white police officer punched an African American teenager in the face. This is making the news and will looked at by some as racial or discrimination.

A bunch of teenagers was jaywalking across the street in Seattle. The police officer yelled at them and told them to stop. One teenager walked away from the police officer and ignored them. The police officer brought her to his car and she verbally abused the officer. The officer tried to put handcuffs on the girl and she fought the police officer. Another girl decided she was going to interfere with the arrest. The police officer had two teenage girls attacking him at the same time. He took matters into his own hands. He punched the one girl in the face. Yes, he punched her hard. I am sure she was not expecting it.

The police officer did the right thing. He protected himself against two people who were attacking him. He has a gun. If the two girls somehow got his gun, who knows what would have happened. By law, the girl who was punched by the police officer was in the wrong. It does not matter what the news says. She was interfering in an arrest. It does not matter if it was her friend (or not) who was being arrested.

I believe the police officer did the right thing. He may have punched the girl too hard. He may have used excessive force, but he was in a bad situation. He did not pull his gun and try to shoot one of the girls. This would have been wrong. This police officer will get a bad name for this altercation. He may lose his job. His career may be ruined. I do not think the situation had anything to do with race. This police officer will suffer at the hands of the news and the American public. He will be looked at as a racist.

Lesson learned. Do not resist arrest. Do not get in the middle of an arrest.  A police officer is taught to protect himself. Do not get in the middle of an arrest. A police officer may punch you in the face or use lethal force against you. This is why the cop punched the teenage girl in the face in Seattle. I admit I am appalled at the video. On the other hand, I may have done the same thing if I was the cop.



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