Tuesday, December 12

How to Care For Your House Plants

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House plants add a delightful decoration to any room of the home. However, they need to be cared for properly in order to keep them thriving in an indoor environment. The first consideration for taking care of house plants is the temperature of the room. During the day it needs to be about 65 to 75 degrees and slightly cooler at night to about 55 to 65 degrees. Plants can withstand lower temperatures at night to about 40 degrees, but if this is the constant temperature at night the plants will not grow as well as they should.

Plants need air during the day, but not too much that will lower the temperature of the room. While they thrive from being placed near a window where they can benefit from direct sunlight, they should never be placed near an open window with a draft of wind blowing through. They will benefit from indirect fresh air, such as through an open window in the next room or an open door.

House plants need to be watered to bring the nourishment to the roots, the stems and the leaves. Check the condition of the soil to make sure that it is not too dry nor too wet. The amount of water and the regularity with which you water the plants depend to a large extent on the type and size of the plant. All plants have a resting period, which is usually during the winter months, and in this time period, they need very little water. During the spring and summer, water the plants on bright mornings and during the fall and winter months, do your watering in the evening.

You can also dampen the fringes of the leaves to keep them moist without having to add water to the soil. A watering can that delivers a fine spray to the leaves is a good choice of tool for this chore.

If you have your plants in the window, turn them from time to time. Plants tend to grow towards the sun and the frequent turning every week will keep them straight and tall in the pot. You can also keep them trimmed so that the sides are symmetrical. A knife or scissors will do this job well. You should not be afraid to prune your house plants because this is very beneficial to them.

Just as you dust the furniture in your home, you should also dust your plants. Leaves tend to collect dust and this will impair the growth of the plant because they cannot get the air they need to breathe.  Spraying them with water will help, but you can also wipe them clean with a soft, dry cloth.  


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