Saturday, December 16

Stainless Steel Jewelry

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I have always been a fan of sterling silver. For me, white metal jewelry has this incomparable modern touch to it and is very versatile. But since other metals like platinum, white gold, and titanium are very costly, silver almost always is my top choice. Since college, I considered it a nice investment and started collecting rare pieces. I never regretted any purchase I’ve made so far and I’m happy with my collection until now.There’s only one problem with silver though. It tarnishes. And for some stains,no amount of cleaning, wiping and soaking can bring back its original luster. (I know caused I’ve tried)

My interest in stainless steel began when I went to a shop looking for a dog tag. I was planning to have it engraved so I set my mind on something really chunky. I wasn’t able to find one I particularly like and instead got myself a thick heart plate pendant, which I thought upon handling was sterling silver until the sales agent told me it was stainless steel. I have to admit my interest waned because I never really thought that a steel pendant would be a nice idea. Besides, it costs only half the price of what I had expected since I was thinking of paying for silver. That gave me something to think about. Anyway, I took it home because it’s a rare design and interesting is the fact that it became my favorite piece.

I discovered lots of things with my purchase. The first one is that I had myself a great deal. Research made me know that the one I got would last a long time. Second is that I never have to worry about allergic reactions because stainless steel is hypo allergenic, and it never stains and tarnishes, thus the name stainless… Third is that because of its abundance and the lower costs to create it, stainless steel pieces are more affordable than silver. Also because of this, each piece has a substantial amount to it. The plates are thicker (as in the case of my heart pendant). And since it is more durable and more brittle than silver, it allows for more versatility with working with it. Jewelers are freer to become more creative with their designs because the medium (stainless steel) allows it. This is why steel pieces are bolder, chunkier, and more contemporary. This gives people like me more designs to choose from.

My silver pieces would always be precious, that much is true. I still don’t think any of it will ever go out of style. But I have to face the fact that one day, most silver that is available in nature would all be exhausted. Like gold and other precious metal, it will run out eventually. Silver pieces will become rarer and rarer. So if there’s one other metal that could compare to it in terms of quality, price, and skin reactivity, that’s most likely stainless steel. Of course it can never absolutely replace it, but it’s a good substitute anyway if not better.


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