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Online Organizational Psychology Degrees: Improving Other Lives While Improving Your Own

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Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows the importance of a pleasant working environment. After all, how effective are employees who can’t stand being at work? The answer is simple: not very. There are experts who know how to improve a working experience, and those experts studying something called Organizational Psychology – very simply, the psychology of a business or organization. If you’re interested in improving the quality of life for workers or if you’ve experienced firsthand the cruelties of the modern workplace and are looking for a career change, an Online Organizational Psychology degree may be right for you. But first, you’ll want to know what you’ll learn in an Online Organizational Psychology program, how you’ll learn that material, and what your employment prospects will be like after graduation.

What will I learn in an Online Organizational Psychology program?

You will no doubt take a number of different courses and course types to complete your Online Organizational Psychology degree. As the job of an organizational psychologist is extremely interdisciplinary, so, too, are the courses they must take. There are probably general business and other core courses that must be taken by Organizational Psychology majors, but the specific courses required to complete the specialization will probably include: Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation in Organizational Development, Becoming a Practitioner and the Use of Self, Diversity and the Global Workplace, Leadership and Strategic Thinking in Organizational Change, Organizational Behavior: The Individual and Team, Organizational Systems and Change Practices, and Organizational Systems and Change Theory.

These courses will ground you in both the theory and practice of organizational psychology. You’ll learn the fundamentals of what people need to have a high quality of life at work, and you’ll also learn how to make those things happen with simple, everyday solutions. You’ll also learn certain basics about how people function emotionally and about their psychology.

How will I learn the material in my Online Organizational Psychology program?

There are few programs that offer an exclusively online course of study for Organizational Psychology. This may be for a number of reasons. First, to be an organizational psychologist, one must have a master’s or doctoral degree. While it is fairly common for master’s programs to be online, it is notably less so for doctoral degrees. It is also extremely difficult to understand interpersonal interactions without ever discussing those interactions face- to- face in human terms. There are, therefore, some organizational behavior programs that have large portions of their coursework online, but they’re “blended” programs. In other words, most of the classes will be completed online, but there will still be occasional in- person meetings.

What will my employment prospects be like after graduation?

As long as there are groups of people working together in close physical proximity, there will be a need for organizational psychologists. For this reason, the occupation is always going to be relatively secure. Training and Development Managers, an occupation many organizational psychologists might pursue in Human Resources departments, had a mean annual wage of $93,830, according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Wage Statistic’s May 2008 Occupational Employment and Wage Survey. Those Training and Development Managers who worked exclusively in “management of companies and enterprises” made even more than that at $101,100 per year on average.

The highest earners, however, are usually those who have the most experience or the more advanced degree. That means the sooner you get started on your Online Organizational Psychology Degree, the sooner you can get the degrees and experience you need to succeed. Your work will improve more than just your own occupational life – it’ll improve the working life of countless others as well.


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