Wednesday, December 13

How to Get Pretty Legs….

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Ok, if you really want nice legs follow these steps:

Step 1: Exfoliate

      To have pretty legs you need to do a little work and preparation. Unless, of course, you have God given beautiful leg genetics. Unfortunately, not many of us have that going for us, so let’s get on with the cover girl leg transformation.

      Get legs smooth and silky by using an exfoliate to slough off old dry skin. Dry skin is not soft or silky it’s rough, so you need to be rid of it. This will also soften up and prepare leg hairs for a closer more thorough shave.

Step 2: Shave

      Shave in several different directions. Look closely at how the hair grows and shave the opposite direction you do not want to miss any hairs. Shave slowly, do not rush or you will get nicks and scrapes that can make pretty legs look pretty ugly. In addition, use a good shaving gel or cream and a quality moisturizer to finish up.

      Keep color on those legs don’t let them get pasty white, especially in spring and summer. Everybody knows that a tan gives legs a more toned, slim sexy look. If you don’t like the sun then get a sunless tan or wear hosiery.

Step 3: Various exercises

      Change up your leg exercise routine on a regular basis. To have pretty legs or maybe even prettier legs you need to use the leg muscles in different ways. For example, when you play tennis the leg muscles are worked totally different than when you use them for skating.

      Challenge leg muscles by not allowing them to do the same exercise over and over. When you do various forms of exercise your leg muscle tone will be amazing, which will result in amazing legs. Just try it and see!

Step 4: Lunges       Do basic leg exercises such as squats, lunges, calf raises and step ups as well as team and one on one sport. Use different techniques like interval and circuit training. Increase intensity week after week and make those pretty legs work!

      Lastly, stay in good shape and keep a healthy weight. A big body and skinny legs will not work. The body needs to be in proportion with the legs and vice versa. Keep in mind, this is a package deal and you can’t separate the two.

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