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How to Make Your Own Windows Mobile Programs – Guide 4

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How to test your application

In this guide we will see how to see the programm that we made at Guide 3on an emulator or directly to our device without installing something ( like a portable ).

Step 1: From the Solution Configurations dropdown, located in the toolbar, select Debug or just press f5.

Step 2: From the Target Device dropdown, located in the toolbar, select Windows Mobile 6 Classic Emulator ( By this we will run an emulator with windows mobile 6. If you want to run your aplication at an emulator with windows mobile 6.5 select Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Portrait QVGA emulator ) . Also if you want to test it directly to your device select the option Windows Mobile 6 Proffesional Device ( the device must be connected to the Pc with a usb cable and be synchronized )

Step 3: The executable and any other needed files will be transferred to the emulator/device. It may take a minute or so to transfer the files. And then you will see your Hello world application.  Here is the result:

To stop debugging, you can exit your application or select Stop Debugging(Shift+F5) from the Debug menu. When you close the emulator, you are given the option to save the emulator state. By saving the state, you can decrease the emulator start up time the next time you launch the emulator.  


1.  In case you want to say something different from Hello world like:

Hello World

My name is Leon

I am a user on

You would see a problem.. This problem

What you want to say doesn’t go the next line. But we will fix this.

In order to add a new line you must write this + vbNewLine. At what is following will be shown to this line. See screenshot and you will understand.

And the result will be this :

If you want to add 2 lines just write + vbNewLine + vbNewLine

I don’t believe that this was difficult. Now on the next guide we will see how to make this application a cab file in order to install it to our device.  

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