Thursday, December 14

Uncertainty is The Only Thing That is Certain

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Even before a child is born while in the mother’s womb uncertainty hangs in the air.

Is everything going to be okay? Will the delivery be normal? Will the mother and child be safe? Once the child is born and both are safe other uncertainties exist.

Can you be certain of anything in this world? I am afraid not.

We sleep at night, wake up and switch on the television only to listen to an earthquake that killed thousands. Terrorists attack innocent people in broad daylight in prime locations. Gas leaks to oil spills the only thing that seems to be certain is uncertainty.

We book our tickets for our journey and could be in for a surprise at the airport. We board a flight and are not certain that we will reach our destination with volcanoes emitting smoke right onto the sky. We schedule appointments with doctors but are not sure till we meet. There is a lone survivor in a plane crash somewhere in Africa.

We go for a picnic on the beach on a sunny day and drenched back home.  

We have some of the best products introduced in the market place and are not certain even after a test launch. We have the best minds in the world working on a space shuttle and yet things are not certain till it is finally launched. We find a healthy man in his thirties detected for cancer.

Insurance companies come to the rescue of those who are insured. Are we certain about these insurance companies?

In conclusion, uncertainty is the only thing that is certain.


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