Monday, December 18

Ways to Make Money From Home And The Internet

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First let me tell you that there are many promises on the internet that you can earn £1,000s of pounds and many dollars by spending a few hours a day. I have tried and tested many and let me tell you it is often not the case.

So how do you generate the cash? Let’s cut to the chase and start. You need to have your fingers in several pies. Even here on Bukisa you may several articles and only 5 or 6 hits a day (generating around 2c per day). Write an article per day and make sure it uses the right keywords to increase the traffic to your articles. Try to find out which keywords are relevant to popular searches.

Earn from internet research Any Question Answered (AQA), and Ask118 are internet businesses often on the lookout for researchers. All the companies work the same way – a customer searching for the answer to any question sends a text or a email to researchers; it is received by yourself and subsequently you provide the answer. You will need to pass a test before they accept you as a researcher and vacancies are not open all the time so checking back on a regular basis (daily) is the only way to keep on your toes here. You could earn around 35p per question answered.

Or how about working for TeleTech? You could earn £6 an hour (or more depending on your skills set) answering customer service calls from home. You must have a basic set up of 

  1. Personal Computer meeting specific requirements.

  2. High Speed internet service (Cable or DSL, no satellite or dial-up).

  3. Analogue landline phone (not mobile, cell, VoIP Skype etc or cordless).

  4. A home where you can commit to work uninterrupted by others and one that is free from background noise such as traffic, noisy children/ neighbours, TV appliances etc

Generally you will be a customer service agent and offer some technical services skills.

Or how about trying to grab some cash from solving the problems of companies? For example at, companies post several problems or challenges every week or month, offering plenty of cash for the best solutions. A typical example is £20,000 for a method to reduce the content of sugar of baked goods, without compromising on taste. Also checkout  Idea Connection you must register and it will send you an email inviting you to help solve company problems for cash.

Or how about monitoring examinations? Tutors and teachers are constantly busy trying to mark exam papers and are often too busy to monitor examinations but they are often asked to. Therefore a temping job monitoring exams is a way forward. Check with your local job agency.

Or how about counting votes in a general election or local election or even by-election? 

  • Register with your council’s elections office

  • get paid to count the votes at election

  • Earning £180 for working through the night; you will be contracted count is over so should it run over you won’t be paid extra (the flip side being that if you finish quicker you’ll still earn the same).

How much? Up to £180.

Just some ideas to get you started. I’ll publish more in a part 2 if there is sufficient interest.


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