Parenting tips: how to stop a baby from crying

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What do you do when your baby just won’t stop crying? There are babies that won’t stop crying. You have this problem before as every other mother. Sometimes crying is a normal thing and sometimes it’s an indication of an illness that will need further examination by the doctor.

There are several factors that make a baby cry. You will have to check out what the problems are and fix it. You shouldn’t let your baby cry to sleep. Babies often cry if they are hungry, in pain, full diaper, or not being tightly wrapped. You can check to see if these are the problems and fix it.
Before you put your baby to bed just wash them so that they are not itchy or dirty. Feeling dirty and itchy could prevent a good sleep. Wrap them tightly in a blanket so that they feel secure like someone is holding them. You can also put on a new diaper so that they won’t fill it up quickly.

You can also feed them before they go to bed so that they don’t wake up hungry. If your baby is sick make sure you give them their pain medication or all other meds before they sleep so that their symptoms won’t bother them. Usually babies who are ill will wake up crying over their pain.

If you find them crying just take a quick look to see what the problem is. Check their diaper to see if it’s full and then change it and hopefully the fresh diaper will make them go back to sleep. Babies fill up their diaper very quickly. Your baby could be hungry if they’re crying. Check to see if they’re hungry by offering them some milk and if they’re eating it means that they are hungry.

Give them their pain meds if they’re crying it could be that they’re in pain. This is a possibilities if you’re baby is at the hospital. Most often they experience as much pain as adult. Baby cries when they’re not wrapped tightly. They feel like someone is not holding them. Just wrap them tightly and see what happens.

Babies sometimes are scare of the toys or lights hanging above their bed you can try to remove these as it may distract their sleep. You can remove the noise around them like turn off the music, TV or noisy air conditioner that are frightening sounds to them. They also may not be able to sleep with people or pet around them. If you let the baby sleep with you or if you hold them that could really help them

sleep well too. Babies like attention a lot. If they keep on crying after you have tried all the methods then you can try to talk to the doctor about it or have them examine your baby. One of my siblings couldn’t stop crying when he was a baby. He would cry days and nights and it turn out that he has a medical condition. You can check with the doctor to see what the problem is. You can stop baby from crying by changing their diaper, feeding them, wrapping them and giving them their medication.


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