Friday, December 15

Hegemony, The Smooth Way of Influencing Someone

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One important thing why colonialism could exist in particular place within a certain time or even after the invader leave their colonized is that there is particular colonizer’s belief or way of life that has been internalized by the colonized. The colonizer introduces those belief or ideology intentionally or unintentionally, hence the indigenous people which are invaded by the colonizer will adopt or even imitate some of colonizer’s ideology. The work of the cultural introduction from the colonizer toward the colonized runs in two ways; obviously and smoothly. The obvious colonial culture introduced leads the colonized to internalize it ‘consciously’. Meanwhile, the smooth one leads the colonized to internalize it ‘unconsciously’. Here, the concept of hegemony appears when the colonized believes or does something ‘unconsciously’ from the colonizer’s habit or value.

From the explanation above, it can be inferred that hegemony is defined as ideology, value, or culture which are imposed by the colonizer toward the colonized smoothly until the colonized does not realize in internalizing them. In Indonesia, for instance, Dutch in colonial period forbade Indonesian citizen to eat ‘tempe’ because according to Dutch, ‘tempe’ is not good for people’s smartness. In fact, this prohibition was well obeyed by Indonesian as they are afraid to be a fool after eating too much ‘tempe’. Nevertheless, based on later investigation, ‘tempe’ is actually good to increase one’s intelligence because of the nutritious protein on it. It shows that the ideology not to eat ‘tempe’ because of its bad effect toward one’s smartness implies an unspoken intended meaning of the goodness of ‘tempe’ for someone’s intellectuality. The unspoken intended meaning becomes the key of the concept of hegemony in which Indonesian do not realize it. Though they do not realize the true meaning behind it, Indonesian still do what has been said by Dutch not too eat ‘tempe’. Indonesian’s submissiveness toward Dutch’s ideology indicates that Dutch’s hegemony run successfully.


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