Friday, December 15

Cloud Computing: Security Issues

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Cloud computing!!!

Not much of the people are aware of the term. DEF: Cloud computing means processing any data over internet. You can store your data, use online applications for various activities like web design, web analysis etc.

Security concerns in Cloud computing:

  1. IS your data confidential?

OK so if you have confidential data regarding your business or your income details then will it remain confidential…

  1. Too much Dependency on your provider !!!!!

You become totally dependent on your service provider for any application or data you need and for the security, backup or storage of your data.

  1. Authenticated personnel..

The employee taking care of your data- are they authenticated?? You don’t know..

  1. Ownership of data…

Suppose you are a insurance company, can you afford to all the details of customers to a third party. Then what about privacy laws…

  1. Security!!!

One of the major issues slowing cloud computing growth is security.

  1. Performance challenges:

With such a large number of users all accessing the cloud computing resources at the same time- there will be an issue of performance.

  1. Vertical scalbility

Vertical scalability is the ability of an application to scale under load; to maintain performance levels as the number of concurrent requests increases. A poorly constructed database is likely to destroy the vertical scalability.

  1. Changing from enterprise data centers to cloud computing is going to cost you much. So maintain enough budget to move to cloud computing.

Cloud computing is definitely a promising technology but these issue need to be resolved before its deployment on large scale.

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