Tuesday, December 12

Scams to Making Money Working Online! 5 of Them!

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No doubt an individual that wants to work online will come across scams or insincere individuals to making money working online. There are many of these that have begun to surface recently, and although many individuals are now becoming wary of them, there are still some that get taken in by these advertisements or scams to making money working online opportunities. There are also many many reputable organizations out there as well.

Here are 5 scams that I have come across:

1) False promises: One of the scams will be the false promises of painting a pretty picture of you sitting in the sun on a warm beach sipping on a pina colada for example. Supposedly all of this you’ve been able to achieve because you have made large amounts of money online. This is just one of the scams to making money working online inviting to the unknowing individual.

2) Pay for the privilege: Then there are the scams to making money working online where you have to pay to have the privilege of being able to work for a particular company. What will happen here is they will ask you to put money up front before they provide you with any work. You will have no idea what kind of work is available, and everything they are offering you is very vague. This is a scam that is probably a little bit more noticeable, and may raise some concerns before you actually lay out any money.

3) Stuffing envelopes One of the most common scams that you will find to making money working online is in your e-mail box. These are companies that are offering you the opportunity to stuff envelopes where you will make a multitude of money. However what happens here is that you will end up having to buy a list of all what they say are supposed companies that need these services. Unfortunately two things usually will happen, either the companies no longer need these types of services, or the companies don’t even exist. It’s pretty hard to determine when you run into scams to make money working online like this one is actually viable work.

4) Paid to assemble: Something similar to what we just mentioned is the assembly work. Here you will get an e-mail from a company telling you that they have all kinds of work available for you to do assembly work at home. Once again, though you will have to invest a few dollars at least, to obtain a list of companies that you can supposedly contact. The scenario pretty well is the same as the one above for stuffing envelopes, hence leaving you with an abundance of inventory.

5) Pay to freelance: Then there are the simple websites that run the scams to making money working online where you join their website, and they will get customers for you that you can write for or do transcribing for. However there are some very reputable sites that do offer this type of business. Being some of these sites have been successful this is what has driven some of the other scams to make money working online to surface in the same field.

These are just a few points to avoiding scams online to make money. If you choose to venture into any of these higher risk investments, that is your choice and we wish you good luck. Enjoy your ride! What ever the process you take, be sure there is some form of mentoring, not just online training, but an actual flesh and blood person to guide, support you, believe in you and pick you up when the early tough times make you feel like quitting. This is what is the main area of business is missing, the difference between failure and success!


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