Friday, December 15

How to Shop For Uverse

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                Are you shopping for AT&T Uverse services but turned off by the high prices?  If so, do not feel bad.  The truth is that great products and services do tend to cost more than their less-impressive counterparts.  Saving money on Uverse services requires knowing many things, such as the ins-and-outs of the Uverse coupon code system.  If you are ready to learn, then sit back and take some notes:

  • Know What You Want – visit the official Uverse site and learn what is being offered.  Draw up a list of wants and needs before moving on to the next step.

  • Bundles – Bundles are combinations of different services at discount prices.  Why do companies offer discounts on bundles?  Because they know that their advertising budget divided by the number of people that call or sign in to place orders is the cost to acquire customers.  Customers that know bit of business knowledge this and buy bundles can leverage this to their advantage.

  • Look for Uverse Coupon Codes – Look for Uverse coupon codes for the services and/or bundle(s) that you are shopping for.

  • Call in Your Affiliations – If you belong to a major organization (such as the AARP) or a large company, then you may already have exclusive Uverse deals available to you.  Contact you HR rep and/or benefits coordinator for more information.

  • Play Hardball – When it is time to negotiate, do so with a plan.  Start by sounding a little hesitant when you speak with a Uverse sales rep.  At the end of the sale, right before you agree, be sure to ask if the current deal on the table is the best available.  In many cases the salesperson will indeed have a little wiggle room with which to negotiate a better deal, but they will usually reserve it for those deals that looked good but turned bad at the last second.  If they don’t think that this is happening, then make them feel that way by being silent when they tell you that this is their best deal.  Wait for them to ask if you are still there, and then tell them that the deal just doesn’t seem that great.  IF it looks like you are walking away from the proverbial negotiation table you may get a better deal.  If it works then save money.  If not, you lost a few seconds of your life.  It seems like a reasonable trade.


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