Beauty tips: how to get rid of stretch marks

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Stretch marks are common among women and especially among pregnant women. Stretch marks are also common with teenage girls going through major hormonal and weight changes. You will have stretch marks if you gain weight too quickly or lose it too quickly.

Either way no one likes stretch marks because they are not attractive and hard to get rid of. It’s difficult to get rid of stretch marks once they’re there. They have their purple stage and then their white stage which is the last stage. You will see the indentation through your skin. This makes it hard for us to wear bikini because it will show through.
You can try to get help for it. The best thing is to not lose or gain weight too quickly but it looks like there’s not much that we can do about preventing it because we just don’t know when it’ll come up. Even thin people have stretch marks problems.

What can you do to get rid of it? It gets better over time though. It looks less visible and the color fades away even though you will still see the scars. This stage is harder to treat though. The best things to do are to prevent it by using moisturizers as much as possible on your body. The more lotions you use the less skin will break about. They say to hydrate your skin with plenty of water too as this will give your skin a lesser chance of breaking.

Once you have so much of it there is not much that you can do unless you get like a tummy tuck or something to cut it out. One thing you can do is to dress so that it’s all cover up and don’t wear bikini if you don’t want to show it. You can use a wrap to wrap the hip area. There are plenty of over the counter treatment but only some of them work said the experts. One of them is wheat germ and this is a home remedy. They said that there is no finding that wheat germs work to get rid of stretch marks.

Glycolic acid seems to help and it’s derived from sugar cane. It helps your skin produce more collagen. This will require several visits to the doctor’s office. It’s a member of the alpha hydroxyl acid. It usually cost around $100. Vitamin C works a little bit and it’s derived from Vitamin C. You can combine it with glycolic acid for a more effective treatment. Taking vitamin C pills also helps. Vitamin C only works in the early stage of the stretch marks.

Relastin a peptide product has been said to be ineffective because there are no data to support its effectiveness. Retinoids also helps but it works only for the early stages of the stretch marks. A combination of retinoids, glycolic acid and vitamin C has been shown to give some improvement on stretch marks. Laser treatment works well for any stages of stretch marks. Laser treatment is costly per sessions. They are as much as $450 and up to $1000.



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