Friday, December 15

Etiquettes of Eating

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Aadabs of eating:

1. Wash both hands and gargle mouth before and after eating.

2. To make intention that, “I am eating to gain strength for the worship of Allah”

3. Our prophet used to encourage to eat less and sparingly. He used to say, let one third of your stomach be for food, one third for water, and let one third be for stomach itself (i.e. be empty). He ate only when he was hungry and never ate to his fill.

4. Food should be eaten, taken and passed with right hand.

5. The greater the number of people eating together, the greater the blessings and the barkat.

6. In all conditions try to be greatful and satisfied with the food we receive, no matter what the quality or quantity, it is a bounty from Allah.

7. To sit on the floor while eating in any of these three positions:

  • To squat with buttocks away from the ground

  • To sit on one leg with the other knee raised

  • To sit on both legs in tashahud posture

8. Never lean whilst eating

9. To remove shoes prior to eating.

10. To begin eating by the eldest/ most pious first.

11. To eat with three fingers if possible and not to use the remaining unnecessarily.

12. Food should be taken which is in front of you and not from the middle of the plate and not from in front of others.

13. If a variety of dishes are being served, then you may partake from where you desire.

14. Steaming food should not be taken, nor you should blow into food. Let the food cool down slightly before eating.

15. Crumbs of food fallen on a clean place should be picked up and eaten and not left there for shaitaan (devil).

16. Visitors should be invited to join in the meal if they arrive whilst you are eating.

17. We should try and accompany the last person who is still eating, otherwise ask permission from the person on your right if you could leave the dastarkhaan.

18. Diners should be waiting on the dastarkhaan for food and not vice versa. After eating the food should be lifted first.

19. Clean the fingers and the plate properly.

20. Method of licking fingers: middle finger first, then index finger and then the thumb. If more than the three fingers are used then – middle, index, little and ring finger.

21. Make sure the food is made of halaal ingredients.

22. Raw onions and garlic should not be eaten prior to meeting people or salat.

23. Usage of gold and silver tableware is forbidden.

24. Do not smell food.

25. Do not talk with a mouthful of food.

26. To remain completely silent while eating is makrooh.  


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