Pregnancy and prenatal care: What every mother should know

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You’re now pregnant and you’re wondering what to do and what not to do. One thing you should learn is not to ingest certain things during your pregnancy. Eating things that are not suitable for you will cause your fetus to have problems developing.

One of the thing you need to learn is to avoid certain types of foods. There are some basics things that pregnant women should avoid and we all know those things which are smoking, drinking, taking a lot of medicine and doing illegal drugs. These are a big time no no for your baby.

We have heard of these things numerous times before yet pregnant moms still do them. I have seen it. It could be a bad thing if your baby is stuck at the hospital for years and have so many tubes attached to them. I have seen it all and this is not what a child deserves.

Therefore pregnant women can do their babies a favor and stay away from smoking, drinking, certain medicines and drug use. The health department tried very hard to spread this education throughout the country. If someone you know is pregnant and doesn’t know these things make sure you spread the news to them. It seems like it’s common knowledge but there are populations like teens that haven’t learned them yet.

If you take precautions and get prenatal care then your baby won’t have so much problems and you don’t have to spend money and time getting their problems fix. Some problems are permanent and your baby might never get a chance to leave the hospital floor. Fetal alcohol syndrome is one of those condition that is caused by drinking mothers.

The child with this syndrome will be permanently damage with problems like mental retardation, heart problems, brain problems and facial abnormalities. It’s imperative that you do not drink at all at the beginning of your pregnancy and to the end of the pregnancy. When you have giving birth to your baby then you can do what you want to do. I have seen pregnant mother who still go clubbing and there are so many chances for drinking at clubs. It’s best to stay out of the party scene so that you don’t have to deal with it.



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