Saturday, December 16

Creating A Business That Suits You

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       Objectives are not fate but they are direction,they are not commads but  commitments.Objectives do not determine the future,but are a means to mobilise the resources and energies of the business for  the making of the future .

    So,to successfully grow  your business,you should have clear objectives that you will be commited to the cause you are undertaking.These will direct you into building the business to acheive set desired goals.The objectivesyou commit to must be in tandem/or in line with your strengths as an individual and as a business entity.

 Check out these example of three flowershops in the same area.From the outside,they all look alike — they all sell flowers.How do they survive and thrive with all the competation?Looking close into each business one is runby an ex-accountant  successful in controlling costs and sourcing the best prices to ensure the greatest profit margin on each sale.The next by an artisan who shapes them into magnificent designs that sell for hundreds of dollars and the third shop by a marketer,who has just left her job to build a flower empire,with the sole purpose of having fresh flowers in evry home all the time.She shoots for low prices and big volume.Each of tyhese owners  are successful because they focus on their strengths and creat their individual niche’ as a result,not by emulating the competation.

 Opportunity abounds. The natural business cycle constantly creats new opportunity.Business is what you make it and what you make is up to you.Set up your business for what you want to achieve and it will deliver just that. If you want your family life to stay priority one,then build it that way.If you want to creat a business that will easily grow into other towns,then build it that way.Just be clear on what your personal and businewss objectives are.

   It is also important to build a surpport system that will help you keep forcused.The bigger the game you are playing ,the more surpport you need to bring.This may mean working  with a coach on your strategic planning,your weekly target,challenges and opportunities,or with other business owner who understands your business and your lifestyle challenges.


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