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Keyword Spy Tool Basic Functions

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A keyword spy tool is a specific, highly targetted piece of software designed to gather intelligence on other marketer’s/company’s activities on the google adword advertising network. It assists in giving an insight into what your online competition are doing and provides you with you a unique look at what keywords are profitable and are converting clicks into customers.

Essentially a keyword spy tool helps cut down a lot of the hard work that usually goes into trying to find profitable keywords that your advertising competitors are usings. You can catch a glimpse of what keyphrases your competition are bidding on, how much they are paying on a daily basis, what they are paying per click, what adverts they are using, what landing pages they are using and it additionally gives you an understanding on what their click-through rates are like and what traffic levels they are receiving.

In summary, a keyword spy tool provides you a look behind the curtain and shows you what your competitors are doing in their online advertising campaigns. Whilst these tools are very useful at gathering intelligence on other marketer’s activites, and why they are very helpful to new affiliate and online marketers, they cannot be relied upon all of the time.

Various keyword spy tools operate in various ways, using several systems and methods to collate and exhibit the key word data. The tools operate by using information provided by Google to examine advertising activities across a variety of diverse keywords and a number of tools require you to opt for the keyphrases you would like to explore, and then monitors advertising movement on these key phrases over a period of time, where as other tools simply pull in information without delay on demand.

Often, when using two of these services/tools at the same time they will display differing results. This is because some tools will display you results from a month back, where as others will display you data from a week or two months in the past! This is why keyword spy tools only take part in a small part in your overall campaign investigation though, and this is also why it is important to select individual tool or service, and use it consistently while ignoring all other competitors.

These services are not well-known for being fully accurate, and having trialled such software on several of my online advertisement promotions I have noted some of the information to be inaccurate. It is also imperative to keep in mind you ought to never under any circumstances rely on a keyword spy tool to do all your study with. If you are going to use this software, I highly advocate you use it as part of a much more holistic and broad approach to your online market study.

If you would like to learn a lot more about how to use a keyword spy tool  keyword spy tool effectively as part of online market research, then feel free to take a look at Alex Brookes’ specialist website on the subject. 


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