Thursday, December 14

Friends For Life

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Friends For Life,the more the attractive it sounds, the more the difficult it is to get. How many of us who are into our middle age are still carrying those old school or college relationships. All right, today we have Facebook and other social networking sites where youngsters can keep in touch with their current and old pals. But even with these modern gadgetery, I am not sure how many will stay friends ten years from now.

              Its not that friends change but what definitely change are circumstances and priorities. Both you and friends will face family, career and financial issues to cope with. Among all this, misunderstandings are bound to ‘crop up’. Before you know, ‘drift’ will occur and sooner rather than later, both of you will start blaming each other for this ‘inevitable drift’. Soon your ‘lesser and lesser’ contacts with each other will turn into ‘name calling’ and ‘complaining sessions’. Ultimately you or your friend will quietly decide to call it off. This has happened before and there is no reason that it won’t happen again.

             This scenario is not uncommon between two ‘close friends’ but also among two ‘real brothers’ who may have been ‘great friends’ at one time. One will then keep on changing friends as frequently as he changes in his clothes in search of that ‘Friend for Life’ but the search will be like a ‘mirage’. But then how to find that ‘Friend for Life’ and I will tell you how.

              No one else but you will have to become that ‘Friend for Life’. You will have to shed that ‘inflated ego’ which is the worst enemy of all beautiful relationships. You will have to make the call if your friend has not made you that long-awaited call.

              ‘Trust‘ is the second most important requisite to be a ‘Friend for Life’. Trust will help you overcome the barriers which distance and time impose. There will be many jealous souls who would promote mistrust but it is you who ought to keep the ‘trust’ in your friend.

              ‘Expectations’, the burden of expectations, is the last enemy of friendship. When we begin to expect somebody to behave the way we expect them to, that is the time relationship starts going for a toss. Accept people as they are and simply stop expecting..

            If you are able to cultivate these 3 qualities in you, I am sure you will be able to attract a like-minded ‘Friend for Life’ among your own circle only who would stay with you for rest of your lives.


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