Friday, December 15

How to Decide A Healthy Diet For Yourself

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Healthy Diet is what most of us are obsessed with though it is usually quite difficult to classify as to what qualifies to constitute a healthy diet. The reason being different cultures have different beliefs. Most vegetarians will tell you that non-vegetarian food is unhealthy while many non-vegetarians will argue that a Veg diet is really no-diet.

               For the sake of commonality and simplicity, I am giving 10 attributes of a Healthy Diet-

  1. Rich in Fruits and Vegetables.

  2. Increased Water intake.

  3. Low in Fat content.

  4. Decreased Salt content.

  5. Rich in Proteins like Milk and Eggs.

  6. Regular intake of Pulses and Cereals.

  7. Increased intake of Fibre in diet.

  8. Decreased intake of Red Meat.

  9. Decreased intake of Sugar.

  10. Everything in Moderation.

              I believe if one takes care of all the above attributes given above, one will definitely manage a Healthy Diet for himself. We are living in ‘strange times’ where more problems are dying from ‘problem of plenty’ than starvation which was the case in the past. Remember, good dietary habits are formed in early years and parents have to set an example for their children to follow. The most important criteria is to take everything in ‘moderation’. A ‘healthy diet’ is one which has all essential nutrients in balanced proportions. Body needs Carbohydrates which should not be complex in nature as they are difficult to digest. Fat intake should be more in favour of Polyunsaturated Fats while Saturated Fats should be taken in minimal quantity. Proteins are very essential but even they should be taken in moderation otherwise they can cause ‘heavy solute load’ on kidneys. Minerals and Water are most important but often ignored aspects of a Healthy Diet.There is not one single diet which can be called ‘Universal’ in nature but the above attributes can provide all the ingredients for a Universal Healthy Diet.


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