Saturday, December 16

Why do People Have a Family When They're Not Ready

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It’s funny but I keep on seeing people who keep wanting to stack up more bills for themselves when they have enough already. In this kind of economy, there are people who still want to create more bills for themselves. Don’t they ever think? I’m glad I took family classes because they teach you to slow down with the children productions and keep your bills low. If people haven’t read this then it’s time for them to keep the bills down. It’s funny how some people can’t even afford a cell phone but yet they want to have children. If you cant’ afford your own phone, then how will you be able to buy your kids phones? Yet, I kept on hearing financially unstable people wanting to create a big family, more debt, and more stress for themselves. This is just ironic. If you can’t even take care of your own life, how can you take care of your wife, and children? Your parents can’t do it for you. They get old too.

It’s just ironic that some of my friends, who can’t even afford a date, want to have a lot of children. They don’t even have a college degree, a home, a saving account, a cell phone, yet they dream of having kids. This is when their kids will suffer. They can’t take care of their kids, so they will abuse their kids and call them all sort of names. They will neglect them and all sorts of other things. This is just ironic. You have to think and you can’t keep on creating bills when you have bills that you can’t even pay for.

I don’t know what kind of family management this is but it’s not the right way. Before you have kids, make sure you can take care of yourself first, have a home, a large saving account, a college degree and a good head on your shoulder. Kids deserve the best and they don’t deserve people to torture them and abuse them because they don’t have it all together. I grew up in a financially unstable home and I know how badly my life ahs been. Instead of being a kid, I have to take care of the entire family, so I have seven children. Life was hell and I know this is the same for the majority of people too. Life is hell for them too. It’s time to think and make things more affordable for yourself.


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