Saturday, December 16

How to Not Stress Out Your Partner

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Stressing out your partner is never a good idea. No one can tolerate so much stress and be able to offer you their best. I must admit that I’ve been in very stressful relationships all of my life. People stressed me out and then expect me to be there which is not going to happen. You just have to understand that people can only take so much. If you stress them out in every possible way then just know that they might pack up and leave one day. It’s just smart to not stress out your mate. It’s just like trying to keep a tank of fish from dying. I learned a lot from raising fish. Fish dies easily if you stress them out with bad water, light, or food. Even fish would die so how do you expect a human being to put up with a lot of stressful things that you put upon them.

Whenever you feel like playing mind games, you should resist the temptation to do so since they will drive your partner crazy. They will stress them out for sure. What happens when people are overly stressed? They will leave you. It’s funny how men regret it when their partner leaves them but people can only give you so many chances. I’ve sit around waiting for men to grow up before. I gave them so many chances and they just wouldn’t grow up. I left and they try to keep me. How can you keep people when they leave you? You have your chances didn’t you? If people leave you, it’s over.

You have to think about all the things that you put your partner through. If you stress them out too much, you have to be preparing that they will leave one day. Who can tolerate so much stress anyways unless you’re a wealthy person and they can benefit from that. It’s funny how some adults can’t even run a relationship right. They can be a doctor or a manger, but when it comes to relationship, they have no idea what they’re doing. If you don’t know how to run a relationship smoothly, it’s time to read more about relationship and learn next time so you don’t lose the love of your life to someone else.


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