Tuesday, December 12

How to Date a Man With Little Money

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There are plenty of men who have very little money after paying all of their bills. It’s understandable since women have very little money sometimes too after paying all of our bills. This is why people with little money should focus more on saving money than going on dates. When you don’t have a lot of money, you will only stress yourself out with dates. You can’t take your date anywhere and it’s just going to turn her off. Women are used to men who usher them and treat them nice and if you can’t do it for them then they will feel differently about you. I have dated man with very little money before and I know how it feels like. They’re stuck and they don’t like how their life is going and they take it out on you. Men with little money sometimes make terrible dates although you do get some that turn around and makes a lot of money.

Just because someone is stuck, it doesn’t mean than you should avoid them at all cost. There are men with no money who can still make a great boyfriend. My brother have had financial problems all of his life but he still dates. The girlfriend end up paying all of the bills but some women are not use to that notion. Women are use to men paying all of their bills so dating someone like that is not their usual at all. I dated a guy who had about $50 a week from his mom’s retirement money. We never go anywhere and we ended up just staying at home. We were bored to death and he was so abusive and he cheated on me too. So I guess a broke man is not really is a good date even though some proved otherwise. My brother was broke all of his life but he had pretty girlfriends. They ended up eating home made food in the dark sometimes but he still had girlfriends. The girlfriends didn’t get anything out of him either.

I dated a guy who couldn’t even afford a $4 drink on a first date. He told me that he was trying to save money and he only wanted to buy me a drink but he couldn’t even afford a drink. I guess this is the bottom of it all. I’ve never had a date that got this worse. At least the other date took me to a movie or something like that. This date gave me nothing. He was mean and checks out other women too. I guess some men are just plain broke. He wasn’t broke, he just wanted to save money since he lives on his own, which is understandable. I feel like if the man can’t afford a date then he should wait until he can afford a date. I also feel that he should not disrespect the ladies by asking them out and then can’t even offer them a drink. I feel that women should also try to put off these dates since it’s terrifying to go on these dates. They make you feel so cheap because they’re cheap. However, if you have money, you should try to cover for the guys if you like him enough. There are plenty of sugar mommies out there. I just don’t feel like being one myself because I can’t afford to be a sugar mommy.


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