Friday, December 15

Pregnancy And The Environment That You Need to Keep Away

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The environment that you’re in does affect your pregnancy. For example, if you work around smokers, pesticides, chemicals, harsh weather, heavy labor, you can end up with a miscarriages. If you do these things yourself, you can end up with a miscarriage. This is why you should avoid these things if you’re getting pregnant. You should avoid being in this kind of environment. I still see pregnant women at nightclub, where they can smell cigarettes and be exposed to alcohol. This is not right. Smoking and drinking while you’re pregnant can cause your baby to have cancer, birth defects, and even have a miscarriage yourself. If you’re pregnant and if you know someone who is pregnant, you should tell them these things.

If you’re working in a smoking, drinking environment, you have to ask for a leave. The law allows you for a leave and you can come back to work when you have the baby. If you continue to work, the second hand smoke can get to your fetus and you can end up with a miscarriage. I’ve seen pregnant women who worked in a smoking environment or they hang around smokers before. This is something that you can’t do to your baby. If you’re around chemicals, like if you are a nail tech. you have to leave your work until you gave birth. If you continue, you’re risking giving your baby birth defects. Your baby will come out with a birth defects if you smell too much chemical and fumes.

If you work in a harsh environment, like out in the heat, or with heavy things, then you have to quit until you give birth to your kids. You have to quit since, staying could cause your fetus to have problems later on. It’s better to have a healthy pregnancy then to have a baby who will come out with birth defects. When they do come out with birth defects, you can’t get rid of them, you still have to take care of them, and pay all of the bills too. It’s devastating when this happens, but you will have children who come out with problems, and you will have to take care of them, look at them daily, and pay for tons of bills.


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