Thursday, December 14

How to be More Physically Active Without Trying

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Walk everywhere

It’s a great thing to be able to walk everywhere. If you live near a shopping center, a park, or your work, consider walking instead of driving. You can even discontinue your driving and it will aver you a lot of money. I have discontinued my driving and it helps me so much. I save plenty of money from insurance, gas, maintenance, and police tickets. I save at least $500 per month from driving. I walk across the shopping center and to my work and I love it. I have really nice legs now because of it and I really enjoy the fresh air in the morning and the chance to see my neighbors.

Take the bus

You can save money and get a little active by walking and catching up with the bus too if it’s a long distance.

Walk your dog

Your dog is a great partner for working out. You should walk your dog everywhere. Walk them in the morning and then in the evening. You can lose some calories this way and have some fun with your dogs and your neighbors too.

Walk your kid’s stroller

If you have children, you can still get active by running or walking their strollers. If you have a stroller, you can push it during your workout. If your kids are big enough, you can get them to work out with you too.

Play sports

Sports can help you lose calories. You should play sports whenever you can so you can lose weight.

Go for a swim

Swimming is a great way to lose weight. Go for a swim during the summer and get to a gym too if you don’t have a pool at home. Swimming is fun and easy to do. It’s not like rigorous work out session.

Walk at the beach

The beach is an excellent place to walk and stroll and lose some weight. You should walk the beach whenever you can to lose weight. If you live next to the beach, you should walk the beach to help you lose weight and get physical.


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