Friday, December 15

How to Save Time And Energy With Self Serving For Your Family

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Running a big family can be a big headache. This is true in much family where parents are busy working all day long trying to keep up with the bills. This is why you have to learn ways to organize your household and your life so you can save time and headaches. I come from a big family so I know how painful it is to want to go out but you can’t. You always have to stay home just in case something happens. I know that it’s even worst if your children are under age. They can’t do anything for themselves and you can’t even leave them alone at home. I saw moms who put their babies in a car and then leave for shopping. If a cop sees this, they can get in big trouble.

One way to help you loosen the headaches is to follow the self- service model where everyone services themselves and you have more time for yourself. If your children are old enough, they can serve themselves and they can take care of themselves. You don’t have to do a lot. If they’re 16 years old, they can get a job and help themselves out. They don’t have to depend on your for every little thing. When you’re old enough, you should be able to help yourself out.

If your kids are old enough, they can find work, feed themselves, buy their own things, and take care of their own chores and everything else. If they’re able to do everything on their own, you don’t have to do a lot for them. This is better since you have some extra help. It’s wrong to offer everything for your kids and to do everything for them. If you can, you should let them service themselves. This way you will save more time and energy. You will have more time for yourself, your relationship, your younger kids and your work. I still see parents who service their 30 years old kids. Why should you service your 30 years old kids? They’re old enough and should learn how to make decisions for themselves. You should not have to do everything for them.


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