Monday, December 11

Do Not Speak – Communicate

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When a child was silent either at home or at school parents and teachers asked the child to speak.

Slowly but surely the child develops the habit of speaking. The child leaves behind her shyness and starts mingling around with other children and speaking. It is true that some children speak more while others do not. Children who were introverts and kept a very low profile in school sometimes unleash themselves and become extroverts in college the opposite may also be true.

Suddenly in college they are told to do more of listening and less of speaking. To understand this anomaly and reconcile it takes a while. Soon college education is over and she gets into the corporate world. She finds what they taught her in school and in college has very little bearing. She comes across a new term that is being used.

Everyone seems to be particular that she communicates and not simply speak or listen.

So what is communicating? When you speak you are sure of what you want to express, however, the person listening to you may or may not understand what you speak in the same manner that you wanted them to understand. When you listen you are not certain what the other person wants to express except whatever you have understood.

Communication is a process where the receiver of the message acts on the message in the same manner that the sender of the message wanted him to act upon. So do not speak – communicate.


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