Tuesday, December 12

Three Tips to Help You Decide if a Novel is Worth Buying Before You Even Leave The Storee

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I love books. If I enter a bookstore, I cannot leave without buying a book. I love all sorts of fiction novels. I love romance, advernture, suspense, you name it. I used to struggle to pick out a book that captured my attention. One day, I brought home a book to read and I only read about ten pages of it before I couldn’t stand it anymore. I grew so sick of wasting my money on books I wouldn’t read, so I came up with a few helfpul tricks to find out if I would be interested in the book beforee I even brought it out of the boostore.

Examine The Book’s Cover

The cover is usually the first thing that attracts your attention to a book on the shelf. If the image on it is interesting, pick it off the shelf and read the back cover. If you’re still interested in it, move onto my next tip.

Read A Bit

I know you might be a bit short on time, but try to read a few sentences, paragraphs or pages of the book. Just open it to a random page and start reading. You aren’t going to fully understand what is going on in the book, but you’ll know if you like it.  If it isn’t capturing your interest, put the book back on the shelf.

Check he Price

See how much the book costs. Are you willing to pay that amount for the book? If you aren’t willing to, it might be because  you aren’t as interested in the book as much as you thought you were.


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