How to Get New Ideas for Your Articles

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Are you a writer that gets stuck not knowing what to write? Is there several days that pass by and you are stuck not knowing if your topic is interesting. Most of us are not very creative in writing. Most of us struggle finding new topics to write about and try to make it interesting. Sometimes you believe that there is no interesting topics out there but there it is. You need to do a little research to be able to create a good article. There is lot information out there where you could add to your writing. You just need to look around. There is a lot of topics and information around the us.

To get ideas on what to write about you could listen to conversations. Listening to people conversation is a good idea. There is a lot of questions people have and answers you could write about. Next time you are at the stores, listen to people conversation. Find out what they are talking about and what is there response. When you hear answer take notes. When you take the notes try to combined the questions and answers together. Make an interesting article.

Another idea is to watch television or talk shows. If you pay attention to talk shows and programs you will find a lot of topics to write about. You can start with daytime programs. Listen and take notes during the program. Then make a list of what you can talk about. The easiest way to do this, is to record the program or television show with a recorder. Then go back and write your article.

You could also listen to the radio station in the morning or afternoon. Try to listen to talk radio stations. You would be surprised that you will find lot information which you can make a lot of articles. Example, I like listening to radio stations that provide information about health. If the information is provided to fast, I like using my mini recorder to record what they are saying. Then I go back and play the recorder to write an article.

You could also look at the bulletin board’s advertisement. When you are passing by pay attention to one of the messages. From the message write some ideas in how are you going to write the article. You should be able to write the article base on what you see, and read.

As you could see there is a lot of places to find topics to write about. There is the radio, bulletins, television and outside conversations.


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