Thursday, December 14

Preseason And The Nfl

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Sorry folks, preseason is necessary. No, sometimes it is not too much fun, but it is necessary. Why?It is needed  because football is a team game. That’s why. Let me explain. 

 A team sport is a sport where one person can not do it all. One person can not win the game. The team needs all members to perform to make a play work. I do believe one person can lose a game at the right time, however. The coaches and the players both need experience with each other. They need to see how each other responds under game conditions. Granted, preseason is not exactly game conditions, but it comes as close as you are going to get.Football has a playbook, and the players need to know it. That’s all good, but they also need to be able to play it out on the field. Practice takes care of some of that, since the defense and the offense can play off each other. But, it doesn’t give the players the chance to try these things out against players they don’t know. This is what the preseason does. It allows each team to see how they respond to new situations with what they know. This is important, since this is what the season is.

 Preseason shows what players know their stuff and which ones don’t. It shows how players work with each other, and which players don’t. It allows both the players and the coaches to get to know each other and build up some trust. This is a good thing. Until the players get to camp, and compete, the rest is just words. This is why we actually play games.

It allows the team and the players to both get into shape, and for the team to see where each player is at. Injuries are the most important cause of a team not succeeding. Injuries are an unknown, and take out players that are irreplaceable. Training camp allows a team to see injury prone players and recovering players under stress of game conditions. If a player has not recovered from his injuries in a big way, it will show up during preseason, instead of during the season if all goes well. It at least allows teams to make some observations of these players.

Most teams isolate their teams with just each other for a period of six weeks or so. Team sports require a certain bonding, and being alone with each other assists these bonds in forming. Of course, some would say it also cause fights and feuds. I maintain it is better to find out preseason about these things, allowing to team time to resolve these issues one way or another. And of course, wherever the teams train gets a boost to their economy which is a nice thing for the team to do.

So yes, preseason is necessary. The real issue, I think, is the fact football charges the same price for preseason as the do for the season. Should the price be the same? No, it is not the same game. But it breaks down to this: you want your season seats? Football can charge you because they are the only game in town, so they do. That doesn’t make the preseason unnecessary. It does make the fans needing a union, however, to negotiate seat prices. But that is another article.


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