Learn How You Can Easily Lower Your Cancer Risk!

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warming-up_Thumb.jpg Exercise regularly. No matter what your fitness level is, even walking a mere 30 minutes a day can help your health tremendously. Exercising helps to reduce fat, which is a big contributor to a lot of types of cancer. Exercising also helps you build up a stronger immune system that can fight off disease easier.

946544nosmoking_Thumb.jpg Don’t smoke and limit your drinking. It’s common knowledge that smoking can cause lung and throat cancer along with a whole list of other health problems. Same goes for drinking. While having a glass of red wine every once and a while can actually be good for you, limit your alcohol intake to a few drinks a week.

469720scale1_Thumb.jpg Keep a healthy weight. Being 20 pounds or more overweight can greatly increase your chances of getting ovarian, heart, and pancreatic cancer along with a lot of other health complications. There are many websites where you can check your ideal body weight.

1050583berries_Thumb.jpg Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits and vegetables are extremely helpful in the prevention of cancer. Such as spinach (helps prevent colon and ovarian cancer), tomatoes (lung and stomach cancer), broccoli (stomach, breast, and skin cancer), and dark colored berries like raspberries and blueberries which are rich in antioxidants.

948669bluesyringe_Thumb.jpg If you are a woman consider going on the pill and getting the HPV vaccine. Taking a birth control pill can lower your chances of getting ovarian cancer, while the vaccine (called Gardasil) can protect against cervical cancer.

971651medicalcross1_Thumb.jpg Educate yourself and get regular checkups and health screenings. Certain racial groups, family history, age, and lifestyles are more susceptible to certain types of cancer. Be aware of any risks you might have, and take the proper measures to keep them in check.


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