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Colorado Technical University

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University is basically accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


The mission of Colorado Technical University is to grant career-oriented education by ideas applied, real-world, industry-current programs in preferred areas, dealing with the needs of students for employment and career development.

 Professional Courses

Colorado Technical University offers a large number of degree programs in business, engineering, and applied scientific disciplines, including Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Finance, Health Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Management, and Public Administration, Health Service Administration, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Financial Forensics, Financial Planning, and Technology Management. CTU offers Masters Degrees in Business Administration, Management with various concentrations to choose from, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, and Enterprise Information Systems.CTU students are capable enough in handling industry-related problems and making models to solve those problems.

Consultative Boards

CTU maintains current and appropriate programs through vigorous contribution with the business community. This interaction takes place through their advisory boards and faculty selection, enable Colorado Technical University to make out and execute judicious curriculum and tackle changes in selected programs.


CTU hires faculty with confirmed industry experience, superior degrees and teaching qualifications to deliver. CTU provides constant professional expansion, review and certification, particularly in nurturing student success through teaching and support. Professors in CTU are typically devoted to help you to succeed personally, academically and professionally. They bring practical experience to every classroom, offering you an opportunity to absorb meaningful, relevant course material as part of a degree program that is designed to be applicable in the real world once you graduate.


On the whole Colorado Technical University offers online classes and full programs for those students who cannot be present at a traditional college for whatever reason. They assure a level of support and flexibility that is unparalleled with other online schools and colleges.


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