BANISH Work Related Stress!

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When an impending deadline is approaching and you start feeling the anxiety kick in, take a minute and review at your past successes. Seeing your victorious accomplishments, along with the appreciation and praise you received can help to put things in perspective and further motivate you. Keep an “encouragement” folder with positive notes and reviews that you received from your boss and coworkers.


Find a good “work friend”. Having a friend at the office that you can joke with, share, and even complain to can help you relax and take away some of the stress. Knowing that someone is in the same boat as you, and can relate to your problems can comfort and calm you.


Take a break from thinking and concentrating every once and a while and simply space-out. You can close your eyes and meditate, daydream, or doodle on a piece of paper. Long periods of intense concentration that leave you feeling worn down and fatigued. So take a few minutes…daydream about that beach in Hawaii…then get back to work. You’ll find yourself feeling less stressed and more focused afterwards.


Not only should you give your brain a break, give your body a break too. Sitting for long periods of time can leave your body feeling stiff and sore. Take a few minutes every couple of hours to stretch your arms, legs, neck muscles, and rub your temples. Get up and get some fresh air if possible. You’d be surprised how much more relaxed and renewed you feel afterwards.


Keep your desk uncluttered. Throw away any unnecessary documents, notes, etc. This includes keeping your computer uncluttered. Delete any unnecessary programs and keep your e-mail inbox clean and uncluttered as well. Put pictures of your family and friends on your desk to remind you how lucky you are, and the reason for all your hard work.


Try scenting your desk area. Lavender is proven to be one of the most calming and relaxing aromas, while citrusy scents like orange and grapefruit are lively scents that can make you feel more awake and energetic. Try scented candles, a diffuser, spray, or lotion. 1045320lavender_Thumb.jpg

Bring a hobby to work. Doing something you love helps to relieve stress and anxiety. If you like solving puzzles bring a rubiks cub, if you have a passion for fashion stock a few fashion magazines stored in your desk. On your break or when you’re feeling too overwhelmed, indulge and get lost in your hobby for a little while.


If someone or something is causing stress at the workplace, talk to your significant other, friend, or family member about it. Just simply getting it off your chest and having a sympathetic ear can take some of the stress and weight off the situation.


Working long hours year round can feel like a drag. Find something in your future to look forward to. It can be anything from your favorite TV show every week, to a girl’s night out, to a vacation getaway.



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