Friday, December 15

Outsource Versus In-House Seo – Which is Which?

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Over the years, SEO has become a very powerful marketing tool for any business wanting to take advantage of their online presence to generate sales. SEO is basically the most effective way to allow your target market to find you through the jungle of websites available online. Needless to say, SEO is now widely regarded as a necessity for any business type.

There are some companies that can’t quite decide how to pursue SEO, whether to hire an in-house specialist or to outsource this particular service. Some would go for hiring an in-house specialist simply because it seems to be a viable option for them. But at a closer look, which approach is really cost-effective in the long run?

The most important consideration here is the fact that SEO is ever-changing. Most search engines change their algorithms every once in a while as well as introduce new guidelines. It is very important for the SEO specialist to keep pace with such changes in order to ensure effectiveness of the campaign. A seasoned SEO company has a better chances of being updated with these changes than any in-house staff. You have to keep in mind that when dealing with SEO, it is not just about diligently implementing the strategies and processes, but also with making sure all methods are updated  and current using the latest techniques and trends.This is the online way you can expect real results from SEO campaigns.

If you look at things from such perspective, it is definitely more practical to invest on the services of an experienced SEO firm rather than enlist a full time services of an in-house SEO staff. Yes, SEO is an ongoing thing, but does not really really full-time work. You can consider getting fixed blocks of hours in a day, so you can work around your budget and not have to pay for unnecessary overhead costs.

Von Rod Limpot is the President and CEO of Philwebservices, a Philippine-based company that offers Philippine Web Hosting, Web Design Philippines and Outsourcing Philippines. The company caters to a wide array of clients across several industry verticals spanning several continents.


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