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Signs And Symptoms of Pregnancy

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Whether your worried or excited, if you’re looking at this article it’s because you wonder of the possibility of a little life sweetly contained in your own body.

If this isn’t your first time, you might just be double checking what you already know. If this is your first possibly pregnancy, it can be difficult to decide if the signs and symptoms fit or not. Ultimately, the best way to know if you are pregnant is with a pregnancy test when it’s your first. That being said, let’s go over 10 signs and symptoms of pregnancy in a general sense.

Definite Signs and Symptoms:

1>> You have a slight fever. It might be by just a few degrees, or you could be so hot you feel like you’ve just come back from Tahiti. When you’re prego, your body temperature naturally goes up as part of the process.

2>> You starving, but you can’t eat. This is often the description of “morning sickness” that hits around 3 months (sometimes sooner) and last for a bit while the fetus takes on some massive changes. You might only be sick in the morning, or only in the evening but most commonly, pregnancy sickness can and will hit you throughout the day. You’ll get used to it =)

3>> You love him dearly, but you have this fierce urge to burry him alive sometimes… Moodiness is definitely something that is hard to avoid in pregnancy. If you’re not a very moody person on any normal day, then you might be lucky enough to only show a few fluxes, but for the majority, it can be a hormonal rollercoaster from tartarus.

4>> A bulging belly. If you’re already a bit over weight, this can sign can take some time to appear. Either way though, eventually, all pregnant belly’s must grow and grow they do. Usually at a steady 2-5 lbs a week after the 5th month.

5>> You just know. This can be a hard symptom to describe to a hopeful mommy to be who has yet to experience pregnancy. Before that point, you might spend much of your beginning sexual life, hunting for the signs and symptoms in your body, whether you are hopeful or not. This might give the apparant answer, that if you do not innately “know” that you are pregnant, then you probably aren’t. Just don’t let your own innocence mislead you, if you don’t have to time to wait and find out, then go get a few pregnancy tests done and double check.

Possible Signs and Symptoms:

6>> Growing Breasts. Sometimes this can be painful, for others it’s nothing other than the amazement of how quickly pregnancy can enlarge your bust size. Just make sure to keep track of your bodies changes, as there are some times when you’re breasts might grow or shrink just from your menstral period.

7>> Swollen Ankles. This usually becomes an issue because your body is trying to hold water and it tends to effect more than just your womb. It can also be a sign of adema though, so make sure to double check with a physican if this is your only sign or symptom.

8>> Intense food cravings. While this can happen anytime your body needs certain nutrients through out your life, or even just in times of hormonal imbalances, it also happens to be a pretty common clue that you might be pregnant. Especially if it seems to happen more often than not.

9>> You have this strange urge to take all the blankets and pillows you own and through them on the bed in a big comfy mess and just sleep for days. If only you had everything close by where you could easily gather it… This is “nesting”. Some are more prone to running around all day cleaning the house, but in the end, most still naturally tend to try and gather things they feel they “need” to have near them while they rest. This is preparation for the coming babe and a sign of pregnancy. It can also be a sign of depression, so make sure it’s not the only sign or symptom.

10>> You can sleep for days and days. Usually most promanent in the 2nd through 3rd month and 6th through 8th months, you will likely find you are highly inclinded to rest your weary head as often as you darn well feel like it. Some even find that they enjoy and need this rest so much that they tend to remind outsiders of a hibernating mother bear. You need your sleep and any who wake you from your dreamy slumber will pay….

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Good luck on your search for pregnancy signs and symptoms. Do make sure to take a few pregnancy tests, won’t you?  =)


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