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The Best Exercise Plan to Improve Your Jumping Ability

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The best exercise plan to improve your jumping ability

It is very simple to learn the basic strategies for a higher leap, when you are a passionate learner. In order to control this technique, you need to be patient and take enough practicing time. If you are a sports person, then you will most certainly have both elements. It requires an enormous effort to be a skilled jumper, but once you’ve mastered it, you will become a legend.

Basic exercise program

Most people believe they need all kinds of extravagant workouts, unusual types of weight training equipment, and difficult exercising plans. It is surprising how often they ignore the basic routine of going out and just doing some jumping moves.

1 Warm up your body with all kinds of stretches that you know. It is very important to do it the right way otherwise the training could cause you bad injury. Prevent damage to your tendons by not stretching your quad for too long.

2 Now you need to work on your cardio by running daily between 2 to 4 miles. This exercise builds up your endurance and improves your breathing mechanism.

3 To increase muscle and keep your body in good shape, you should do some skipping, sit-ups, push-ups and step exercises.

The ultimate exercise

In terms of efficiency, there is only one particular exercise that should be implemented in every jumping program. This workout will improve all the athletic features needed to increase a vertical leap. There is no other exercise that comes even closer.

The most effective way is to practice a particular sports skill. When we take volleyball as an example, you need to time the leap as well as coordinate yourself to strike the ball intensely. This is not as simple as just springing up and down in the air. The movement will feel unnatural in the beginning, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes and the higher you will rise.

Other necessities

Don’t forget to take a perfectly balanced diet. Eating all kinds of unhealthy food will cause damage to your body and prevent a proper growth. Sometimes it’s difficult to change completely your diet. Just make sure you eat plenty of fruit, as this will increase your testosterone level and gives you the drive to train properly.

Exercising 7 days a week can cause serious pressure in your quad zone. Remember to take a couple of days off the week to allow your legs and the rest of your body to relax.


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