Make your Pedicure and Manicure Last Longer!

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Prep your nails ahead of time. Make sure they are clean and smooth. Avoid using anything greasy like lotion, beforehand. This can keep the nail polish from sticking. Push back your cuticles, trim any hangnails, and cut and file your nails.

If your manicurist doesn’t, then make sure you seal your color in with two topcoats of protective clear polish.

After the pedi/mani moisturize daily to prevent your nails from becoming brittle or dry, causing the polish to crack. You can also rub olive oil over your nails as an alternative to lotion. Ask your manicurist to apply cuticle oil over your nails before you leave.

Chose a color similar to your skin color. When your nails start growing out it won’t be as noticeable.

Wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the house. Avoid running anything too scratchy over your nails, like the loofah, or exfoliating scrub.

When wearing heels skip the really tight, narrow, or pointy fitted ones. These can rub against your toenails, scratching the polish off.


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