Where to get free stock pictures or pics for your articles

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When you write articles adding pictures or pics is always a plus. Finding stock pictures can take a lot of work if you write many articles. I have found one stock picture site that work for me. I write about ten articles per day and try to use as many pics as I can in my articles. The website Ii use for free stock pictures is http://www.pixelperfectdigital.com/free_stock_photos/. I am not affiliated with this free stock pics site. You do not join for free stock pics. All you have to do is search their free stock pictures and select the picture you like. This site is owned or operated by Dreamstime stock pictures. The pics are really high quality. The photographers at Dreamstime contribute their work to this site. I really do not know why but they are free here. The inventory is searchable. Every word I have searched has turned up usable results. This is a great site to use when you work on articles. It can make your work go much faster.  This site also offers free vector illustrations. Their catalog of vector illustrations is not as large as their image catalog. The vector illustrations are excellent quality work. I simply right click and save the vector illustrations or images to my computer. I always put pictures credit with the pics I use. For ease of use as well as quantity of available images this is the best free site I have found. I hope you find this information valuable and time saving in your work on articles. Best of luck with your writing.


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