How to Create a Website on a Low Budget

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Building a website or finding free hosting is easy. There is no reason to have to pay top dollar to have a website designed by a large company. You can still have a great website even on a low budget.

Step 1
Find a website that offers free hosting where you can place your website. Try websites like Bravenet that offer free hosting and other free website gadgets like guest books and site counters. Search engines also offer website building tools such as click-and-drag to make the process easier for beginners. Try starting out with a blog first before building an entire website. You can create content, and blogs also offer free templates that you can update and change. Blogs can be a great way to introduce a new business on the web.

Step 2

Purchase low-cost domains that are renewable up to one year. This will give you time to see if your website will be successful. If it is doing well, you can always renew the domain again. Websites such as GoDaddy offer domains for $9.99 per year or sometimes even offer special deals where domains can be purchased for $1.99. Also, free website hosting services often offer sub-domains at no charge.

Step 3

Ask a friend who has experience designing websites who could help create your website for you or help you learn how to design a website. Post flyers at a nearby college asking for a college students studying website design who may be able to help design at little or no cost so they can gain experience or place it on their resume.

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