Monday, December 18

What Are Internal Blog Links

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Blogging is not easy.  Many people believe it is easy, it is why so many blogs are started but left for dead very soon after they have begun.  And the biggest reason blogs fail is, people become disinterested, nobody is commenting, nobody is reading, so why bother?  Well, for anyone out there who wants to improve their blog traffic, one of the ways you can help the process along, is through internal blog links.   Internal links are a means to help improve your search engine performance and your blogs readability. Both of these factors play huge roles in the amount of traffic your blog will and can see, so, even thought internal links are easy and seem to have little impact.  I am here to tell you that they do matter and should be considered every single time that you write a new blog post. So, What are internal blog links and how do you go about implementing them? An internal blog link is a link from one post, to another.  It generally uses your primary keywords for the post that it is linking to as your anchor text.  That is the most basic way I know to describe an internal link.

  But now lets talk about how you, as a blogger should be implementing your internal links. The most important thing to remember when you are blogging is, to remain natural.  Don’t force things, and this includes internal links.  If you happen to be writing an article that you feel can be linked back to an older article.  Don’t hesitate, just do it.  And if you are writing an article that naturally references several of your older posts.  By all means, link them.  Every single link creates another weave inside this spider web of links you are creating. And after you have done that, go back through all your old posts and find places within those posts that you can link to other posts.  Because every single link creates a window into the article it is linked to, not only for your readers, but also for search engines.  Internal links work much the same way as backlinks, in; they offer awareness for the search engine spiders. 

And although it is not a guarantee, it is a helpful hand you are giving to make sure the search engines are indexing every single post you have within your blog. Although it is very important to create a strong internal linking structure, there is something that matters more.  It is and always will be more important not to lose sight of your readers.  Readability within your blog should be your primary objective.  If your site is found by people and enjoyed by people, the search engines will recognize that, and you will be rewarded for your efforts. I wish you good luck and good blogging.  


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