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Stress On a Plate = Weight Gain

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Stress On A Plate = Weight Gain.

It is no surprise that many of us are over weight, due to the stressfull lives we all lead these days.

Being overweight and obesity, seems to be very much in the spotlight of the media and the health proffessionals, as this appears to be spiraling out of control. This in turn puts pressure on us to loose the weight.

No diet in the world will make you loose weight, when all you eat for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is STRESS.

Please read on to find out how weight gain and stress go hand in hand, and it what effect it has on our bodies.

When we are frightened, angry, tense or worried our bodies become flooded with adrenalin and a stress hormone called cortisol. The adrenalin keeps us alert and focused, while the cortisol prepares our muscles for a ‘fight-or-flight response. it also helps the body to release sugar into the bloodstream for instant energy. It’s all part of a defence mechanism that allows the body to respond when faced with danger.

Modern day stress, caused by our busy lifestyle, is really bad for us. It makes us fat, it wears out our immune system, and it increases our vunerability to serious illness. Many of the situations that cause stress these days do not present physical danger that we need to run away from. The result is that fat-storing hormones-and the sugar they help to release into the bloodstream-float around our system, finally ending upas fat on our tummy and around the waist. This in turn makes us crave for sugar because the body thinks it needs more to keep going.

When our stress levels decline, our adrenalin levels fall, but cortisol (and the resulting blood sugar) stays in the system for much longer.

It has been found, that fat cells around the stomach attract cortisol, giving us a layer of toxic fat, which lies just below our abdominal muscles which becomes really hard to shift. Even doing regular sit-ups will be totally pointless if we are constantly stressed.

Stomach fat is the most dangerous type of fat, as it raises our risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers.

Continued stress will shut down the digestive system because our body directs blood from there to the muscles. Stress will also leave us constipated, abloated and toxic.

Beating our stress levels is the only way to a better body and better health.


Stress is not the only reason for making us stressed, the wrong typed of food plays a major part in this too. Toxic food such as refined sugar and processed food will make us more stressed because they are know for releasing more sugar in to our bloodstream quicker. We then find that this is a vicious cycle, because the more stressed we become the more toxic food we crave, which will make us more stressed.



A. You eat when stressed.

B. You are slim everywhere apart from your stomach.

C. You eat quickly.

D. You crave sugary foods.

E. A bad day makes you hungry.

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